Portland Pickles Announce Winner Of Future Baseball Night Uniform Contest

In collaboration with Uni Watch, the Portland Pickles are excited to announce that the winning uniform design for the 2050 baseball contest is “Dillon in Orbit” by Kevin McLaughlin, which will be worn by the Pickles during the evening July 4th game.

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Explanation from the designer: Front: Dillion in orbit! The 2050s will give new meaning to the term “launch angle.”  The floating marker is measuring the distance, ala, The Fence, and by 2050 we’ve finally switched to the metric system. The “Hit Moon, Win Suit” is an homage to the billboard in Ebbets Field that Abe Stark had that read “Hit Sign, Win Suit.”Back:  Walker Stadium has gotten a dome!  With a hatch!  Launch angle!  It’s all about launch angle! (Sigh). Side:  Since it’s the 35 anniversary of the Pickles in 2050, I made a commemorative patch.

So, what’s the deal with the new uniforms you may ask? On July 4th, the Pickles will take on the Corvallis Knights for a special exhibition.

During the off-season, Dillon traveled to the year 2050 and purchased a copy of the current MLB rulebook. Upon his return to our time in 2019, Dillon shared the seven major rule changes with both teams, and for one night only, the Pickles and Knights will play by a new set of future rules. It wouldn’t be futuristic baseball without a future uniform!

The Pickles received so many amazing uniform submissions, and although they won’t be on the field this time, we want to share our favorite runner-ups that carried heavy competition.

Runner-Up: Colin Eadie


Explanation from the designer: “Concept was to go into the near future where humans and aliens live and love baseball together. Alien typography is featured on the sleeves. A neon line silhouette hugs the frame. The future of pinstripes are waves. And last but not least, stackable numbering.”

Runner-Up: Jason Von Stein


Explanation from the designer: “My idea is to have the jersey depict a Pickle in a pickle!” [This one may not be particularly futuristic, but I love the concept.”

Runner-Up: Jonathan Ehrich


Runner-Up: Sam Stuckey

Runner-Up: Matthew Harvey


Runner-Up: Lee Taylor