Future of Baseball Night: Dillon and Lil' King Host Press Conference


Teams to play by future rules one-night only on July 4th 2019 7pm at Walker Stadium

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PORTLAND, Ore. (May 3rd, 2019) —The 23-time WCL champion Portland Pickles(from the year 2050) will take on the Corvallis Knights for a very special exhibition on the evening of our Independence.

During the off-season, Dillon traveled to the year 2050 and purchased a copy of the current MLB rulebook. Upon his return to our time, Dillon shared the 7 major rule changes with both teams. And for one night only, the Pickles and Knights will play by the new future rules, as listed below.

Official Rules :

Odd Innings: Flip Option - During odd innings, batters can flip their direction of travel when running the bases  (3rd, 5th, 7th innings). In odd innings, that is, runner can go clockwise if they choose.

Yellow Bonus Balls - The bonus ball is good for only that pitch

  • A strike is an immediate out

  • A ball is an immediate walk

  • Any base hit counts double the value; ex. single = automatic double; triple = home run plus double

Either team can call a bonus ball, when hitting;

Seven (7) bonus balls per team in game, with maximum 2 per inning

8 Defenders in the field

  • Can be placed wherever manager likes. Each team may have 2 DHs.

Pitch Clock

  • Pitchers will have 15 seconds to throw pitch or make pickoff throw; otherwise, automatic ball will be called

7 Innings.

  • If game is tied after 7 innings, contest goes to home-run derby; rules determined on spot.


  • Any bunt hit, as judged by officials, counts as automatic double. Any bunted foul ball is automatic out.


  • (Fourth Inning Extended Stretch)

  • 15 Minute Break.

  • Fireworks!

Gates at Walker Stadium will open at 5:35 on July 4th. The first 1000 fans in attendance will receive a Collectable 23-time World Champion Portland Pickles sticker

The Pickles and Knights will play their WCL league game @ 1pm on July 4th. Each game has a separate ticket for admission.