Tattoo Tuesday Coming To Walker Stadium July 16


All of the fans of Walker Stadium have always sported their hometown Portland Pickles by wearing jerseys, hats, t-shirts, etc. This coming Tuesday though, fans will have a different and unique way to sport the Pickles, as INKBUS TATTOO will be on site offering FREE Portland Pickles tattoos exclusively at Walker Stadium. If you consider yourself the ultimate Pickles fan you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity, age 21 and over only.


If you want a free Portland Pickles tattoo, all fans will be asked to line up at 3pm sharp.

Intern Rory will personally sign people up to a 15 min appointment from 3 to 9pm.

  • If we have more fans than times, we will start a waiting list

  • Each person tattoo’d will need to sign a waiver upon confirmation

  • Tattoo’s will begin at 4PM - and end at 9PM

  • Fans cannot be under the influence of alcohol. Please wait until after.


  • Portland P Hat: Inspired by the hats our Pickles players wear. A classic look!

  • Chair: Inspired by the famous run scoring celebration, this is a unique, can’t miss option. Ink will be in blue or black.

  • Dillon: Inspired by pickle himself, Dillon T. Pickle. Iconic mascot? Perfect choice.

Note: Tattoos may not be exactly as pictured.