Pickles Announce Winner of Mazatlan Tryout

On August 21st, The Portland Pickles hosted the first public tryout since the Portland Mavericks many years ago.  Over 100 diverse candidates showed up on a rainy Wednesday night in hopes of being selected as the winner of an all expenses paid trip to Mazatlan, Mexico to play with the Pickles all stars.  

 The Pickles All stars will be playing their sister team the hometown Mazatlan Venados on October 9th, in the Venados new 16,000-seat stadium.  

 Many great participants caught the eye of our talent evaluators, but none as much as our winner, Mr. Mark Triolo.  Triolo is a 32 year-old San Diego native that has made Portland his home for the last 12 years. He comes in with a heap of D1 baseball experience, playing two years at San Diego State, before transferring and playing two years for the University of Portland.  Rumor has it, the night of the tryout, Triono showed up just in time after leaving work, hit 3 home runs in batting practice then made his way down to the bullpen where he was able to reach speeds of 90 MPH. This was the exact kind of player the Pickles were looking for. “It’s an honor to be selected, I truly believe this is an opportunity of a lifetime to go play a game like this down in Mexico” Triolo stated moments after he found out he was selected as the winner.  

 Join us in congratulating Mark as he will join Pickle greats such as Zander Clarke, Joey Cooper and Daniel Lopez on the Mazatlan Roster. 


Stay tuned for more information regarding Fan Packages, so that you can come cheer on your team down in Mexico while taking in all of the great beauty and culture that Mazatlan has to offer. Go Pickles!    

For more info, check out this clips: 

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