Letter From The Commissioner of the Mexican Pacific League

The West Coast league was invited by the Venados organization to play an “All Star” game against the Mexico Pacific league, “LMP,” for a preseason game coming soon. The invitation was a part of our new friendship/partnership with the Venados starting back in June with our Mazatlan Venados night. At first, the Venados and the Pickles may have seemed like unlikely baseball friends, due to distance and their different level of play in their countries. Our friendship though, only became stronger as our excitement continued to grow and as more fans came to support on the night of tryouts.  This will be the first time a combined group of USA and Canadian players play against an “LMP” professional baseball team. The Pickles have received a letter from the Venados Baseball commissioner addressing his enthusiasm for Dillion and The Pickles arrival soon. To read the letter, check out this link HERE

The Venados have a similar agenda as the Pickles when it comes to baseball. The Venados also deeply care about their fans and their overall experience when coming to one of their games. They are all about keeping things fun, electrifying, but still very competitive. Both organizations are a fire fueled and energetic set of players guaranteed to keep you entertained. Who will come out on top?

We are looking forward to diving into “The Pearl of the Pacific” and going head to head with the Venados. Keep an eye out for the Pickles in Mexico and Venados if you’re reading this, prepararse!